|| varanasi. ||

♡ I'm a 16 girl from Italy.
My life is based on music and especially ART. I love to draw and play guitar, and i'm studying to become a tattoo artist. This is my dream and I want to fight for it.
I really love photography and i spend a lot of my time editing photos. ♡
My fav bands are 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance.
...below there's my drawings' blog.




"Are you staying up at 1am?"

No mum I’m staying up at 4am


I was just a small town girl who liked to watch that’s so raven re runs how did I end up having 6 gay otps


#92 Elvira Leone#92 of 200 images that have made the IYL Showcase shortlist. We’ll be posting 2 images/day in the run up to the London Showcase (October 23rd) when the final 20 images will be announced and presented as chosen by the showcase jury..http://iylshowcase.tumblr.com/showcaseblog


Laughing at the crazy number of followers I’ve gotten since posting Vancon photos.

Y’all know I ship Destiel on this blog, right?!?

Chi cazzo ho di vicino io? Non parlo con i miei genitori. Non parlo con mio fratello. Conosco solo 4 persone, che non mi considerano nemmeno e che preferiscono stare con gli altri. Vogliono essere ascoltate sempre, e non ascoltano mai ciò che ho da dire io. Mi considerano solo in determinate circostanze e solo se non hanno di meglio da fare.

Amici, amici, un paio di coglioni. 

Quindi fate a meno di dire che c’è sempre qualcuno che ti sta vicino, perchè non è così.